The school days starts at 7:30 am and ends at 2:30 pm.

In Kindergarten to Grade 5 we use a bilingual approach to teaching. This allows students to develop their ability to communicate well in both English and Khmer. Each class has a foreign teacher who is a fluent English speaker and a Khmer teacher. Translation is rarely used but both languages are used in the main classroom.

Each class has 5 hours of specific Khmer Language Arts instruction in smaller classes, and a minimum of 5 hours of specific English Language Arts instruction. The children are divided into smaller classes for these lessons, with no more than 12 students in a class.

For Khmer Language Arts we follow the Khmer National Curriculum.

 For English Language Arts we had a curriculum developed specifically for East-West International School. A number of different resources are used in our English Language Arts program. These include:

·         Zoo-phonics (Pre-school to Grade 2) to develop phonemic awareness and phonetic reading skills

·         Reading A-Z (Decodable Books and Levelled Readers) to develop whole language, increase vocabulary, and ensure comprehension of reading material.

·         Novel studies to help develop comprehension and a love of reading longer texts.

·         Writing A-Z resources help children learn to write a variety of text types.

·         Listening and speaking skills are developed through interaction and discussion in the classroom, as well as various public speaking activities.

 Mathematics is taught bilingually, using both the Khmer National Curriculum and the Australian “Go Maths” programme. The emphasis in all our mathematics education is on teaching for understanding, thus helping children develop mathematics skills, including logic and reasoning, for the real world. An outline of the topics taught in each grade level can be downloaded HERE .

 Other subjects (Art, Geography, History, ICT & Computing, International, Music, Physical Education, Science, Society, and Technology) are taught using Integrated Units of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). These units are taught bilingually, developing vocabulary in both languages, and integrating the Khmer National Curriculum whenever possible. A summary of the units taught can be downloaded here:









Two additional lessons are taught only in Khmer, covering aspects of the Khmer National Social Studies and Science Curriculum which are not covered in our IPC units.  


Appropriate Age per Grade

Our policy at East West is to place children in a grade that is appropriate to their age, and not their academic ability. However, in some cases where English development might become a barrier to learning, children may be placed in a grade which is one year below their appropriate age level. Each case is carefully assessed by the Elementary Principal. The appropriate age level for each grade is as follows:

·         Kindergarten:                5, turning 6

·         Grade 1:                       6, turning 7

·         Grade 2:                       7, turning 8

·         Grade 3:                       8, turning 9

·         Grade 4:                       9, turning 10

·         Grade 5:                       10, turning 11

Students must have turned the appropriate age by 31st July. Proof of birthdate will be required.

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The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

EWIS is registered with The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to offer the National Curriculum and Exams.

WASC Accreditation

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is one of six official academic bodies responsible for the accreditation of public and private universities, colleges, secondary and elementary schools. EWIS was accredited in 2013, for six years.

Cambridge International Exam Center

At EWIS we offer CIE IGCSE/AS/A level courses and exams. CIE exams are assessed though the university of Cambridge.

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