"I don't know if it's just me, but I believe that playing sports can shape you into a better person. Your mental toughness grows; your physical strengths start developing and somehow, along the way, you'll learn how to believe in yourself. It's not fun at all walking around with your head down. For some people playing sports helps them find who they are, their strengths, and it gives them confidence."

Student Athlete at EWIS


"It is a privilege to play sports, especially here at East West. I can enjoy playing and being healthy with my closest friends and my very passionate coach. By playing sport I can be enthusiastic for school, especially on practice days, and it can help me deal with stress that life seems to throw at me. I always look forward to playing with my teammates even though we have some bad days. I believe that being in a team with great people and great coaches will help me fight through the bad times."

Student Athlete at EWIS


 "Coaching Thunder athletes is a big part of the reason I love teaching at East West. Our athletes compete at a high level, work hard, and set a good example for others in the community to follow. They represent the best EWIS has to offer. I enjoy coaching the kids in sports, outside the classroom, as they are really able to be themselves."

Coach and teacher and EWIS

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Opening of new gym

Date: 16/03/12 02:17pm
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School Calendar August 2017 - January 2018

Date: 17/09/13 11:20am
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The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

EWIS is registered with The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to offer the National Curriculum and Exams.

WASC Accreditation

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is one of six official academic bodies responsible for the accreditation of public and private universities, colleges, secondary and elementary schools. EWIS was accredited in 2013, for six years.

Cambridge International Exam Center

At EWIS we offer CIE IGCSE/AS/A level courses and exams. CIE exams are assessed though the university of Cambridge.

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